Teaching Support

The guidance below has been curated to support the delivery of teaching and learning for the AY21/22. If you require further assistance that is not covered in the guidance below, or would like to discuss specific aspects of your practice, please contact Learning Innovation.

You may also wish to explore the Knowledge Exchange, our Learning in Practice or Faculty Development materials.


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Teaching in the Classroom

The following guidance can be used to familiarise yourself with the AV equipment in the Lecture Theatres, as well as the tools available to you to support your learning design and course development.

Teaching Virtually (Zoom)

The following guidance is LBS specific:

Preparing to Teach Remotely

If you are teaching remotely but students are in the Classroom, please use read this guidance to support your preparation and delivery.

Zoom Settings Guide for Faculty

This document explains the various settings in your Zoom account, some of which are set centrally. Please familiarise yourself with these settings.

Zoom Live Automated Transcription

Zoom can automatically produce captions and transcripts for any session. This has been enabled across faculty accounts. Please refer to the this guidance document for any support.

Inviting Guest Speakers

If you are inviting guest speakers into your session, please read this guidance document. It is recommended that you arrange a preparation session with your guest to ensure they are able to access Zoom prior to the session taking place.